Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Chapter 2; continue my long story, might be worth to reed it.

Lets comeback talking about how I thought to develop my film, unfortunately I had hard time to find people committed as I was. After spending only three weeks on writing my very first feature film screenplay with my best English, I start putting together in only few days a small crew. I was able to get the nightclub location for free; I bought some equipment with my own money and start auditioning for the main cast. I schedule my shooting days but on the first couple days, only few people show up on the set. I was missing lots element and a true help; also never have a mentor in this field.
I was thinking to quit right there, which usually I never think to quit in anything, my good friend Keith the DP told me “Lets stay and shoot what ever we can” and I sad “I will never have this movie done if people keep flake on me” I had no elements, no money and time either.
After that day I chose to stop and rethinking what I should do, this was the first time I almost quit, got discourage for not having the skills to put together a good team. I toke a break about this project and kept going working at the nightclub, but after one year, I really lost my mind for keep working as security. I start hate those people coming at the club with an attitude, getting drunk and taking drugs, thinking they are the big shot in the city and thinking they can treat people with disrespect. I don’t drink at all, smoke or eating junk food, and dealing with those kind of people I lost my human sensitivity, I become hard to them and to myself, for me was easy to pick a fight punish some of those people and pretend like nothing happen.
I really was looking for a fight almost every night and build up more anger than ever I had in my life. A year later I had the strength to quit the job, realize I was getting close to kill someone, end up in prison or someone was going to kill me and end up in some green field, either way for me wasn’t going to be a happy ending and getting faraway from my real America dream.

I chose to rely only on few clients I trained at the gym, but not even after a year I left the nightclub, I lost everyone and start leaving out of my little few thousands dollars saving, I kept promises to myself not to ever comeback working as security for any nightclub. I tried hard to find some other job, I sent probably hundreds resume or application, and I’m not kidding, I was looking everywhere to work, but without compromise my acting career, and then nothing.
A year later I decide to pick-up my film “the Rules” I left in 2006 and sad “I‘m going to make my film no matter what and sale it online for a few bucks” doing the same thing I did in 2007 for my second exercise video. I spent only few bucks I had for online adverting on goggle and yahoo, and I sold couple hundreds copy of my exercise DVD, I realize the system was working, but not much for the exercise video. I sad “well the exercise video is very hard to sale because need lots more exposure than a movie, and the audience is less from the audience love to watch movies.” With this in mind in 2008 I start rewriting the script, change the concept, reestablish crew and cast, stay more focus who to pick for cast and crew, which still it’s hard to make the perfect choice anyway, specially when is about asking people work for free.

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