Monday, December 14, 2009

PS: I’m not so good as writer, especially because English is my second language, but I will do my best to tell you my life journey and the ultimate challenge of my acting and filmmaking career. I’m writing this because sometime we need to show our weakness so can other people understand our needs. Do not get confused from my websites as you might think, “this man is doing just fine” don’t be so sure, also usually people don’t like hear other people problems because everyone at list as one on is own. Every body need some help, I’m writing this to share and maybe someone else will learn something out of it without going through this issues the way I did, or ultimately understand what I try to accomplish.

Here how all start: Chapter 1.

In 2006 seriously tired about my financially situation (and still) very frustrated at age 40 I was working as nightclub security, dealing every night with stupid people and getting in to a fight, or for saving theirs life or mine. From 2003, this was the only job I was able to earn a paycheck on the regular basis, but was really catching-up with me and ruins my real dream and the reason why I come to America.

As I am an Italian not so fresh off the boat, I keep asking to myself “What is the American dream means today?” The only great thing about this job was the company loved me and they still do, I gain good friendship from the owners to co-workers, and I never thought I was going to do a job like this in my life. As a bouncer you might think I should be huge, but I’m not big at all, I’m 5:8 1/2 in Hollywood I sale my self for 5:9 and 165 pound, but full of energy. In 2006, after more than a decade develop several short films and exercise videos, I had a vision to develop a feature film on my own. I was tired waiting and continue believe on lies from those producers, filmmakers and casting directors, or illusionary investors promise me to develop one of my films, realized I was wasting lots of my time.

My personal training business did OK for a while but wasn’t going anywhere; in one year I lost all my clientele and all my cardio-kickboxing classes I was teaching in several sports clubs, I never found out why that happened to me. For some reason always I had a hard time to make the fitness business successful, I guess because deep in my hart my true passion is being in entertainment industry and specifically work as actor and filmmaker. Even if I dedicate my all-entire life in martial arts and fitness and become an international champion, my real dream is to be an establish actor and filmmaker. Although to produce films cost money, so how can I make this happen? Just remember in 2006 we had only few Blogs, available as viral social networking, and were just at the beginning with text messaging.
Must of the people was using the site just for dating or just for chatting, we didn’t have yet or twitter. So unaware about Myspace but full of passion and enthusiasm as usual I have, I start the engine and try putting together everything I need it to produce to shoot a film. I start calling friends, co-worker at the club, club managers, owner and putting ads on LA casting for cast and extras. Good, now I had some small crew and few cast elements to start this production, but I wasn’t able to think and spread the news online and maybe using Myspace as today we all use facebook to say “Hey I’m going to shoot a movie with only few bucks and few people, any support out there?” All are thinking they doing something unique. Yes everyone today can shoot a movie because we have a very affordable technology, but how can we sale it? In addition, how hard it is?

Always I’m thinking outside of the box and I’m pretty much bold for all my life. Like several month ago I organize a fitness event for my friend Jay’s charity organization, I ran and walk about 60 miles in 23 hours to try raise some money for the 28,000 children in foster care and I did without specific prior training, I just rely on my health and skills, that is not bold enough? Unfortunately, we didn’t raise any thing. I even put myself on facebook and streaming live camera on, as well some PR from the organization was trying help the event, but not one really care about it, and my timing wasn’t good at all because of the death of Michael Jackson news. Story of my life, timing seams is everything, pretty much a similar story how bold I was to produce my first exercise video in 1998, but this story is way too long and I will tell you some other day or you can read my bio at just to get the hint.

Chapter 2
Coming soon.


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